Valoothoor aunty

Born on 15 June 1929 in Tanjavur to Krishnammal and Rathnam Pillai, Ramamurthy hails from a family steeped in music and dance.His father was a violinist and direct disciple of Tirukodikaval Krishna Iyer.This distinguished former staff artist of AIR is a simple man who shuns publicity. Ramamurthy has more than 70 years of experience as a mridangam artist; and was preferred by many senior vidwans for his gentle and dignified mridangam accompaniment. Yes, these are nothing but holiday homes which are an extension of your ancestral or patti-thatha’s (grandparents) house - a fading heritage house which has been embellished with modern comforts and special luxuries. In fact, even I didn’t know them till I saw them featured as most favored holiday home stays.

The dishes are made from the keerai(greens) like mudakathan,vada narayana keerai, murungai keerai( drumstick leaves), lemons, curry leaf, sundakkai(turkey berry) , Manathakali, Narthangai, coconut all grown in the kitchen backyard or from fresh native vegetables like vazhaipoo( plaintain flower),garden beans, vazhaikkai( raw plaintain), pooshnikai,(pumpkin), senai (yam), pidi karanai etc brought from the market.

Chowdiah, Dandapani Desigar, MS, DKP, MLV, Madurai Somu, S.

Balachander, Maharajapuram Santhanam, Lalgudi Jayaraman, M.

Around the inner courtyard on all the 4 sides you will have the bed rooms, store room and kitchen.

Known people are ushered in through the rezhi (hall way) through the main solid wooden door which has beautiful alcoves embedded in the walls on either side called ‘maadam’. Inside you will find an inner open courtyard called ‘ Nadu mittam’ generally open to the sky or having grilled ceiling through which the sun’s ray filter.

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