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It was opened in 2008, which was declared the Year of Family in Russia.The author of the monument is a sculptor Nikolai Filatov.It is set in the center of the city, near the Cathedral of St.Feodor Ushakov, at the crossroads of Sovietskaya and the Democraticheskaya streets.This monument is a symbol of absolute family values, the true foundation of society. They are the husband with a little child on his shoulders, his pregnant wife, the mother of the children and two more children, holding on to their parents.Monument is realistic and dynamic because all people are shown at the time of movement.

Another city landmark is the Saransk TV Tower — a 180-meter-tall guyed tubular steel mast built in 1961. These are some of them: Family Monument is one of the most popular and interesting ones.

Transition periods are extremely short and only April and October are between 0 °C (32 °F) and 10 °C (50 °F) in mean temperatures. The most notable industrial enterprises include the Lisma Electrical Factory which employs nearly 12,000 people; the Biokhimik pharmaceutical facility; Rezinotekhnika, a rubber products manufacturer; cable manufacturer Saranskkabel; and Elektrovypryamitel, which manufactures electronic components and, on a small scale, television sets.

Industrial activity in Saransk includes the production of electrical cables, chemical production, textile manufacturing, food processing, machine building, and metallurgy. Saransk is by far the largest city in Mordovia and accounts for 34.3% of the total population of the republic (as of the 2002 Census).

Industrial enterprises are mainly located to the north of the town center.

The eastern part of Saransk, located east of the Insar River, is Posop.

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