Sex education test online

That's why our final unit's focus is the different forms of sexual violence, and how to keep this stuff from happening to you and your community.

We’ll talk about how and why people use sex and sexuality as a means of control, manipulation, and even warfare.

We'll even talk about how strangers on the internet might try to use people's sexualities, sex lives, and sultry selfies against them.

You'll leave our Sex Ed course savvier about the scary side of relationships and sexuality; after all, we wouldn't throw you in choppy waters without throwing you a lifeline, too.

We'd be remiss if we sent you off into the world knowing all the details circling the orbit of this topic and with no information whatsoever about the actual "dirty deed" itself.

We talked a bit before about instinct and the drive to procreate, so that's the very basic function of sex: we do it so we don't die out as a human race.

But since we're not cavemen anymore, we do it for a great many more reasons, and some get as complicated as money and media.

(Go figure.)With the basic body function and hormonal drive to have sex the push by society and media, we think it's pretty darn important that you understand what it is and why we do it. We'll give you the basics to clear up any confusion you might have about sex, and we'll keep things as factual and un-embarrassing as possible.

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Most importantly, we'll debunk a bunch of myths surrounding STIs and the people who have them, and point out that STIs can happen to Shmoop's pretty stoked to dedicate all of Unit 5 to pregnancy and baby-havin' in general.

Well, Shmooper, there comes a time in an educational website and a student's relationship where they need to have "the talk." You know…the birds and the bees; the flowers and the pollen; the storks and the…storks the storks have crushes on.

It's true—we haven't yet discussed the big and it's high time we did.

More than that, we'll talk about the basic functions of humans' overall bodily systems.

Think of it as a teeny tiny biology lesson before we hit the more, uh…advanced topics.

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