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However, after the meeting with Peterson, she was captured by S. HYDRA performed an experiment at a wedding where the effects of the Obelisk were partially duplicated. However, she challenged him to name his source when he reiterated that he would never lie to her.

D.'s motivations, or to get ahead of the situation by using his abilities to become a super-hero. Meanwhile, she did independent research into the painting and learned that it was 500 years old but the inscription was not, causing Coulson to realize that there was another who wrote it recently. Naturally, Skye assumed he was trying to manipulate her, believing that her parents had died years ago.

She witnessed Thompson decline Coulson's offer to join S. Then, in Australia, Coulson explained his strange orders.

When Skye saw the tracks, she also realized that they were the symbols in 3-D. He sent her to get an inscription on a watch for Darren, Triplett to give a button to a dry cleaner to place on a general's jacket pocket, and Fitz to fix a transceiver in under six minutes.

After the events of the HYDRA Uprising, she joined the rest of her team in going off the grid. The activation of her abilities alerted the attention of other Inhumans, and Skye was taken to Afterlife to help her better understand her powers. The trauma of this combined with the heroic sacrifice of Lincoln Campbell led to Johnson leaving S. He expressed disgust about Coulson having alien blood inside him; Skye looked at him ironically, as beforehand Phil Coulson expressed his concern over the fact Skye had not reacted to the writings as he and John Garrett had, which she should have as she had been injected with the GH.325.

However Phil Coulson recruited her into his team and appointed her as a consultant where she became a valued agent during the hunt for the Clairvoyant. She discovered the alien-based origin of her mother's lineage, and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, granting her vibration manipulation abilities. For days, she acted as Hive's right-hand woman, until the Inhuman army they were building fell into a trap which resulted in Lash releasing her from Hive's control. She researched the names that Coulson gave her and learned that only two former Project T. During the ride, Skye revealed to Mack what was happening.

She met with Peterson at a local diner and advised him either to run, as she did not trust S. She then changed the subject, demanding to know what he knew about the symbols.

When Ward told her that Raina was his source on information about her father, she refused to listen, believing that Raina played him.

She wanted full disclosure from Coulson and he decided to give it. Digressing from his family to Skye's, Ward told her that her father killed everyone in the Hunan village because they were all HYDRA agents who had killed her mother.

Working to stop HYDRA eventually led to Skye being reunited with her father. During a mission, Hive took control of Johnson's mind and used her in his plan to conquer the world. She was stationed as Coulson's anchor to the real world as he recalled the past. Jemma Simmons freed Skye and she and Mack went to intercept Coulson in the SUV.

D., Skye went with him to begin rebuilding the organization. In that role, she began working with Alphonso Mackenzie to find new Inhumans and led the team in their battle against HYDRA. Skye and Coulson went to her apartment and found paintings she made with the symbols, signed "A Magical Place." Skye accompanied Coulson to the secret room holding the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, then told Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz to help hold Coulson down if he became unstable during the session. As Skye went down to Vault D with Coulson, he pushed her inside, activated the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier and left to find Thompson.

Agents Phil Coulson and Grant Ward, who were seeking out Peterson for his own safety, and taken to the Bus for interrogation. Ward revealed that he wanted her to believe him when he said that he could lead her to her father. On South Beach, Skye helped Hunter to steal a ticket from Bridget so that she could copy it and get Phil Coulson and Melinda May into a gala for the rebuilding of Santa Maria de las Flores, a church that housed a 500 year old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back. Skye saw the symbols scribbled into Phil Coulson's desk and questioned him, to his disapproval.

Suspicious of Ward's motives, Skye questioned his honesty streak. and the field agents approached Coulson for instruction.

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