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I'd suggest that you talk with a psychiatrist (if you can) about the symptoms that you experience.

Full disclosure is always necessary to get medical help, and particularly in conditions that include the mind.

After some sort of "awakening" it was like the easiest thing to do even though I had secretly feared giving up weed for so long, the whole illusion just went up in smoke. I can totally relate with the fear of facing life without weed. The only relevant long term effects i saw in the list on that research were chronic coughing and increased risk of schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible.

After a few days of not much appetite and a couple of sleepless nights.. Also in the long term effects in that article, it said can lead to addiction.

And why risk a lifetime of permanent brain changes when you can alter your path now? Subtle recovery of of cognitive functioning occurs slowly as abstinence periods increase. My memory is mildly impaired, generally only in short term (remembering a plot twist in a tv show.) However, this effect is mitigated by a 3 day tollerance break. How can you compare that to saying a grown human will have the same effects?

If you think that you’re smoking too much weed, you probably are. abstinence from weed results in improved executive functioning 3 weeks off weed: improved verbal working memory in adolescents 6 weeks off weed: short term memory loss mildly improved in teens 3 months off weed: no cognitive difference between adolescent marijuana smokers and control group I was chronic for most of 30 years, even used to grow it for selling, I read the Qur'an and stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol at once. Thanks for sharing more about withdrawing from weed. Hi, I just discovered that our 18 year old son has been smoking weed for more than a year. I mean shoot, if you have a kid also under 16 drinking a lot of coffee, there are guaranteed to be some side effects!

But marijuana also affects other function in the brain. THC binds to nerve cell receptors in the cerebellum and basal ganglia and can affect the brain.

These chemical changes in the brain can result in: Most of the effects of THC last only as long as you are high. Although the effects of weed wear off after 3-4 hours, THC can be detected in your system for days or weeks after last use. Current research on marijuana attempts to track the long term effects marijuana has on brain cells, brain structure and brain function.

The uncomfortable thinking patterns that you fear you may be developing can also be a way that your subconscious mind is communicating to you: in other words, it might be time to stop or significantly cut back.

Although this is only a theory, neuro-biological relationships between marijuana use and the brain have already shown that weed can affect: Memory deficits – Persistent deficits in short term memory and information retention have been noted in chronic, heavy marijuana smokers (daily users) after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence. Do you have any advice how to stop it, beside having prof. I stopped with support from friends and I joined a 12 step group. I can refer you to services and resources near you. Maybe you could describe your personal experience through resolving the adiction problem.

Mood disorders – Long term exposure to marijuana in the brain can permanently alter serotonin and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters associated with both anxiety and mood disorders. But I also learned a lot about the brain and what happens during addiction. I also took a look at the reasons why I was smoking (family and personal issues) and saw a counselor/psychologist to talk things out. I'm very interested in that issue becous obviestly I have a problem and I'm trying to find most effective solution. And I'm specialy interested if it's possible to go without 12 step program?

Can you link me to articles that talk about serotonin levels and marijuana? (only rehab I could think for marijuana is giving methylphenidate medicine like concerta to help stop your eating, which is worse than marijuana) Marijuana is not addicting, you can't overdose( I tried it, I just threw up), not a gateway drug( only when its illegal its a gateway drug), a diet coke is more harmful than marijuana.

I know it can be depleted by cannabis use – but my understanding was that serotonin can be replenished by the body. Yet, we have the retarded alcoholic beverage commercials that tell us it's okay to drink your beer and contribute to the 90,000 of deaths in the U.

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