Charlyne yi dating 2016

In order to understand love, we realized she would need to actually experience it.The odds of that happening while we were shooting were slim, so that’s when we came up with the idea of scripting a fictional romance for Charlyne’s character.During her journey, Yi discovers true love for herself when she begins dating Superbad‘s Michael Cera, playing himself (and whom Yi supposedly had a real-life relationship with) in a scripted romance.Seamlessly integrating real interview footage with hilarious scripted moments, the genre-bending Paper Heart is sure to delight fans of quirky, offbeat romantic comedies.She asked me for help and we began developing the idea together.Early on, she mentioned that her disbelief in the idea of love was a big part of why she wanted to explore the topic and I felt that was an important element to include.NJ: Love is definitely a subjective emotion, but hopefully with the variety of stories and views we present, everyone can find something to relate to in the film.So I think different people will take different meanings away from the film.

But, ultimately, the character worked best as an on-screen friend for Charlyne, so she didn’t have to talk directly to the camera to get information across.And we occasionally had to rewrite the scenes on the spot to keep things feeling as organic as possible, so the story was constantly evolving.We broke our own rules once or twice, but for the most part those scenes were shot exactly like the documentary sections.Werner Herzog, in particular, was a big influence because of how he plays with truth and fiction in his work.On the other end of the spectrum, Charlyne had me watch Far and Away because that was one of her favorite love stories and I had never seen it. MM: Was the blending of fiction and reality a difficult balancing act?

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